There’s not much new to show as I keep adding stitches to The Land as the Crow Flies


but it is slowly getting stronger, becoming more itself.
So I thought a little catching up might be in order. First, there’s the matter of a breezeway newcomer crafted by Don …


using old ceiling fan blades …


and a repurposed wooden organ pipe …


I must say, though, my favorite part is the woodburned and milk-painted eye …


While taking pictures, I noticed a visitor in the Herb Garden …


And if any of you were wondering where I’ve been, we had grandkids visiting last week …


One of their projects was repainting some rusted metal airplanes (from a lawn ornament) and a  Kokopelli lamp stand (which are not going to remain together except for this photo) …
Their efforts, supervised by Pop Pop, are worthy of close-ups …




Of course, as I took these shots, my eye once again caught on something else: this time a metalwork roadrunner we gifted to each other that has found a home beside Don’s pueblo assemblage …


Lastly, a lovely gift appeared in the mail from Sue (Blessings of Thread) which my muddle stitching finger will appreciate (pun intended) …


Sue had also gifted me with a delightful bag when she was last in Texas. It has since been made into a much-needed ukulele case …


I do love repurposing!

17 thoughts on “Miscellanea

  1. Pretty much can guess that when you are gone from here for a while, you are with grand kids and the neat thing is that I know you will share some of your time with them, with all of us. Cozy comfort in these photos of handmade, homemade art, ongoing cloth with the soft colors of the mellow hill country landscape; Don's metallic dragon fly that looks as if it is poised to fly off the wall; the embellishment of color on the plane and Kokopelli by your grand kids, family creating together. All combine to create a feeling that my dearly loved son in law's late father Harold used to describe, it was always his sign off at the end of a letter, email or phone call: \”it's all good\” and stopping by here, it always is…


  2. \”The Land as the Crow Flies\” reminds me so much of a favorite view of mine. When we lived in No NV, we'd go up to Tahoe…looking down at the \”Patchwork\” fields of the Carson Valley thrilled me every time! Thank you for bringing up that fond memory.The dragonfly wings are perfect and the Kokopelli, centered in the middle made me think of some crazy scale of justice or seeking balance or those that came before and those that go beyond. Love it! All of it together makes me reflect on what a 'home' you've built together. Beautiful. 🙂


  3. Nancy – I'm glad this reminds you of a special place … I never tire of coming over a rise in the Hill Country and seeing cloud shadows creating a patchwork of light and darkGrace – I still shake my head in wonder as I realize, yet again, how the internet has made distance an irrelevance in connections between friends


  4. Love the dragonfly! All these wonderful, artistic items. Great that the kids are involved and learning – hopefully, some day, they will hone the skills from both of you. You are most welcome for the gifts. It warms my heart to give to someone as sweet and gracious as you. Blessings to you and DonSue


  5. Barry – The kids are so open and observant … the challenge will be how to help them keep that spark aliveHazel – when the stitching makes me unhappy it's a sign that I'm on the wrong track … by the same token, now I am so enjoying the stitching that I am already anticipating the sadness of it being done


  6. Land as the Crow Flies is lovely Liz, I'd really enjoy a close up of your stitching on it. And Don's dragonfly is super cool, can't wait to show my husband as he likes to re-purpose as well. And man oh man can those grandsons of yours paint, they must love coming for visits with funnest grandparents ever!


  7. Deb – gotta confess that the Land as the Crow Flies looks better from a distance … not one of my better close-up stitch oppprtunities 😉 And I do like the title “Funnest NanaPopPop” (we are a one word grandparenting team)


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