Bagstories continued

India Flint’s Facebook-based bagstories class did result in a functional bag in addition to the funky teabag bag featured in earlier posts …

It presented a great opportunity to use some eco-dyed muslin from a couple of years ago which was inspired by India Flint’s Bundle Book, using a process detailed in this post.  I tore the dyed muslin into strips and paper-less pieced it (thanks Jude) into 2.75″ squares …

Onion skin eco-dye

which I stitched together, back-to-back …

Thimble flower eco-dye

Then stitched the squares together along the inside edges and realized I needed to reinforce the seams. Which gave me the perfect excuse for using Deb Lacativa’s “Dirty Threads” …

I also dove into a collection of vintage buttons looking for a closure. I have no idea if this is shell or celluloid, but it seemed to fit …

And lucky me … since there were lots of scraps leftover, I got to piece them together into a handle …

I’m realizing that paper-less piecing gives me such great pleasure … thanks again Jude.

10 thoughts on “Bagstories continued

  1. Sue – it's interesting to note that these eco-dyed cloths were done a couple of years ago and I decided against doing much with them thinking they might fade away. Now I figure they are what they are and I'm much happier getting them out of the bin and into the world


  2. Dang woman! I can't believe you already made another. I'm so jealous!!!! Ahh, but in class the last 3 days I did get to demo 2 flat felts and 4 pueblo pots, so I guess I did get to create something. Loving that your wildflowers are starting to bloom. The vegetation there is so very different then what we have here in the So. Cal., so I really enjoy you sharing those with us. Sending you lots of love,Deb


  3. Deb – I do love retired life, when one gets massive blocks of time in which to create things uninterrupted. Bag number 3 is in the works …


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