Tea bag

India Flint has just published a new book entitled bagstories and is running an online class on Facebook. Never one to do things exactly as detailed, I decided to try making my bag out of used tea bags, with the following result (so far) …

I’m not accustomed to working dimensionally, so while I was very comfortable stitching the first part of the project, here shown inside …

and out …

I really have no earthly idea where it’s headed next.
By the way, the stitching was done with Deb Lacativa’s “Dirty Threads.” I was delighted to read in her post today 
that she plans to be dyeing more in the Spring!

10 thoughts on “Tea bag

  1. Mo – it's totally impractical, which is what is making it all the more fun to doJude – working through this project, I have used so many of the techniques that I first encountered in Spirit Cloth 101 … thank you for that


  2. LizI have been saving tea bags for several years now as I have some projects in mind and wanted a good supply with a variety of shades, a good palette with which to use in the projects. Fun to see how you are using them in making your teabag bag!


  3. Kristin – I'd love to know what you have in mind … I'm always envious of those who make cunning vignettes on tea bags with ink and gouacheSue – These are larger-than-usual bags for making iced tea … and yeah, I love stitching small (ha1)


  4. Really beautiful, especially with the layering of lines in the glow. My sister once shared a studio with a tea bag artist. The neighbors really wondered when they saw me drying tea bags to send her out in the yard one summer.


  5. Hazel – the layered lines were an unexpected bonus from folding the tea bags to give my needle and thread something to hold on to. I’m endlessly fascinated by tea bag art and considering what to do next with the dozens I’ve accumulated.


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