On the eve of the lunar eclipse

I woke at five this morning, as I often do, to find moonlight streaming in our west bedroom window. Putting on my glasses, I found the almost-full moon too bright to look at directly.

Tomorrow will be different. As I write this, the sun is chasing the moon westward to Australia, where the earth will step between the two, thereby creating a shadowmoon that will dance its way around the world.
So my thoughts are much with the kindred spirits down under, where the summer sun reigns and the shadowmoon will be at its fullest. 
Mo, who so faithfully records the full moon on her blog
Barry, whose peace gifts 
are such a wonder …

Fiona, one of whose letterpress postcards
has flown here …

to join with other paper treasures from her hand …

And because I didn’t want to mar the postcard with my less-than-satisfactory machine stitching, I opted to slow stitch this time …

to much better effect methinks …

And then there’s India Flint, 
who was a major inspiration in my eco-dye trials, some of which were more …
or less successful …

but which play quite nicely together …

and will join these tea bag squares as I participate her upcoming online bagstories project …

There’s more, but I will keep silent for now except to note this sign just appeared next door …

10 thoughts on “On the eve of the lunar eclipse

  1. Sue – it crossed my mind, but with the heavy flooding evident in the back third of the property, it will be better left undeveloped. Rather, if we are fortunate enough to get it, we will develop berms to protect our house downstream and extend our prairie grass project


  2. Love how the light of the moon linked us all earlier this week – tho like you perhaps the clouds came in and we didn't get to see any eclipse. Still, it was nice to know that it was happening whether we saw it or not; and that across the world people shared it in a way…sending positive vibes for the land too!You took such care of that wee card Liz – and it looks lovely linked to the others; such a gorgeous way of remembering and holding memories….


  3. Fiona – your postcard project remains an unrealized inspiration for me … so much to do, so little time. And there is joy in that, knowing that there is always more to do.Velma – yes, there is much good here … hope that comes with the realization that we're not alone. Thank you for you presence …


  4. been trying (unsuccessfully) to comment from my phone. Need to figure out! But, here you are again, bringing elevated craft, generous spirit and a real talent for connectivity to your work. thank you!


  5. Dee – back in my work days I often said “live by technology, die by technology” … now I mostly shrug my shoulders and power down the bad actor, which almost always behaves once I turn it back on. As much as I sometimes worry about how addicted I am to my phone, mostly I find the connections with others worth the risk. I count you among my prime examples of how much there is to gain by being in the ether.


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