The cloth with no name

This is where I am today with the (still unnamed) cloth I began last month as a 40th anniversary commemorative …

It’s been a journey from my original plan, which was to make a new-fangled sampler …

I even got so far as to stitch the lettering on the bottom half, seen here photographed with one of my new clip-on iPhone camera lenses …

But even though I was happy with the clouds, created by loosely backstitching marks on the hand-dyed cloth …

the lettering just didn’t feel right, so I tore it out. 
Then, while looking for something else entirely, I came across a long-lost envelope of Jude Hill’s indigo-dyed “planets,” which sent me running off in an entirely new direction …

I’m still not 100% sure about the frame, but considering how the size seems near-perfect, I’m thinking it’s meant to be.
Addendum: As I waited for this post to load, it occurred to me that the cloth has become an un-sampler … US 

16 thoughts on “The cloth with no name

  1. I like the idea of an un-sampler celebrating yor 40 years of us and on a totally different note speaking of US, when did the USA drop the A in the address? feels a bit Orwellian…


  2. Mo – last things first, as we spent last night watching the government shut itself down … and I think more Atwoodian than Orwellian perhaps … but no doubt dystopic, whatever the name or acronym. Still, the women marched today … and I dare to say they will be the authors of our salvation


  3. I love the turn of the moon over Texas…it echoes the line of the Gulf Coast and mirrors the stripes on the lighthouse…animating and soothing at the same time. I, too, am clinging to the hope that women will lead us further toward the true embodiment of the principles elucidated in the Declaration of Independence and the Constition. Fingers crossed.


  4. A small humble cloth with depth and light. What a nice emblem of a marriage. And yes! Here’s to The Resistance as fueled and led by women!


  5. Hi LA – there are pieces that need no name – the memories and stories are too many to be captured – rather the piece will just be and speak to you and yours in its unique way. On the other note – there is definitely a lot of energy building through the women – they (you) arte making the change now. Peace and strength and determination. B


  6. Dana – I'll have more to say about that moon over Texas … and the evolution of the pieceDee – light is indeed a key part of this for meBarry – stitching this has been a wonderful journey in mind and spiritAnd to all: the news of the women's marches over the past weekend, along with Grace's picture of Emrie at her first demonstration, left me feeling far more hopeful than this time last year. The midterm election cycle promises give us many more opportunities to put women in places of power … we must seize the moment and make it count


  7. The frame to me fits so well, a bit worn but holding that warm softness almost like a patina that only wood gives; 40 yrs is like that. (For us 48 yrs earlier this month.) What moves me is how both you and Don created an honoring of your years and that is simply, Love. Oh, and \”Si Se Puede\” – well that also is a fine way of signifying a long term marriage, yes we can, yes we do, not easy at times, but always the thread of togetherness…


  8. Marti – I’m currently in “negotiations” with Don, who wants to fix the frame up and repaint it. I may use your words “a bit worn but holding that warm softness … 40 years is like that”


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