Baby it’s cold outside

It’s a good day for wearing warm socks whilst mending …

I do love patching jeans, especially those with holes worn into the knees by our grandkids, imagining the stitches inside absorbing future falls, like a hand slipped out just in the nick of time …

Fortunately, padding shouldn’t be needed today as everyone’s safe inside …

while everything outside is being slowly encased in ice …

Don said he saw a local news report last night on how to use an ice scraper (if you had one) and cautioning against pouring hot water on car windshields. Good advice under the circumstances …
No hole yet, so (sew) a bit of preventive maintenance …

11 thoughts on “Baby it’s cold outside

  1. F&I promise not to send any more nasty weather your way. If it comes, we are not at fault! LOL. (Grand) Mother Bear protecting her precious cubs.


  2. Mending season … yes, I believe darning gives one time and space to ponder new beginnings while retaining the best of the oldAnd Nana Bear? Absolutely true!


  3. Susan – Just took a scroll through your blog … beautiful nature photography and naturally I gravitated to the dye pot posts. Finding Austin was an added bonus.


  4. Love your pre-patch Liz! I once patched a knee of work pants and one of my under-two's pointed to the patch and said, \”Ouchie!\”


  5. Nancy – I'm going to need super-sized patch \”sandwiches\” for the next round of mending. My daughter told a familiar tale: \”honestly, the holes weren't that big when I brought him to school\”


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