14 thoughts on “US

  1. What a wonderful tribute you have given each other to commemorate your 40 yrs together: Wood – hard, strong yet malleable. Marriage- enduring, loving, collaborative; it's all here in such a creative way. Speaks of who you both are, the inner symbols known to you both, the day to day aspects of togetherness and those times when each needs a singular time but always, knowing that the end of the day will be shared…this is Joy, this is Love, this is tugs at the heart, this is Marriage, heart-felt.


  2. All of these disparate pieces, alike in value but different in color, hardness, material, size and shape, coalesce into an endlessly interesting, complete whole. So touching and so illustrative of you and Don together, I imagine.


  3. Awesome assemblage of a remarkable art piece by weaving thought, love and physical presence. Time worn findings, repurposed to represent a union that has weathered the good, not-so-good and everything inbetween only growing stronger as the journey continues. Blessings.


  4. Dear all … I am uncharacteristically at a loss for words, so I hope it will suffice to say that your thoughts here mean the world to US … they will therefore be printed and affixed to the back as a keepsake.


  5. I don't have your words or talent, but a great appreciation of all that you both have created in your retirement. Your home, your landscaped yards, your art, your meals are what so many of us would aspire to emulate.


  6. LA – as others have said – what a beautiful creative way to mark a milestone and have such beauty and creativity on the wall as a daily reminder. Peace. B


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