Getting back to "The Land … "

Working on the pennant for Mo’s project put The Land as the Crow Flies on a back burner, as you can see from the date …

Now that I’m back to it, trees are beginning to crop up …

And the cloth has been trimmed down …

to fit within the space where it will eventually reside …

The plan, for now at least, is to leave it hanging except when I am actively working on it. We’ll see how that goes.
I also popped off a couple of simple projects to get back up to speed. Jeans mended with vintage cloth from Glennis Dolce …

along with a little darning on the side …

And a patched shell woven with Deb Lacativa’s dyed floss …

requested by G for his birthday …

bringing back memories of Jude Hill’s Considering Weave class in 2014 when I first met many of the Kindred Spirits who reside in the right sidebar. 

15 thoughts on “Getting back to "The Land … "

  1. Louise – thank you and yes, these jeans are so comfortable that they are well-worth the effort of pushing a needle through the denim to keep them whole (ish)


  2. Enjoying the progress on your land cloth. I feel privileged that I have seen it in person! Yes, your jeans look heavenly – so soft. All those wonderful stitches. What a treasure for G! I need to check out Jude's weaving tute.Blessings, my friend.


  3. Mo – I always think of you as I try to imagine what the land must look like to a crow flying overheadSue – Thank you … and the Considering Weave was as valuable for the participants' forum as it was for Jude's instruction. Sadly, as with her other classes, the fora are no longer available. The good news is that the people who contributed to those classes over the years are alive and well on their blogs. So if you do explore the class, you might also drill down to that same time period for some of the Kindred Spirits to see what they were doing.


  4. Your cloth is framed beautifully in that spot. I like that you will keep it there in between, you will be able to watch it evolve. Your shell weaving is very cool.


  5. LA – those little tasks are the universes way of easing us back into creativity. Love that patching jeans can be so creative ; as is also the case with the shell. B


  6. Barry – I likewise love watching you tend to the little tasks on your blog … preparing small bits about to become a part of something larger


  7. the land cloth not only mimics a map beautifully, it looks so comfortable up with all that stone!and the jeans are just to die for!


  8. Fiona – As with the land itself, I suspect this cloth will never be \”done\” … but likewise, will be enjoyed as it is and as it changes


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