Getting to the heart of the matter

The pennon for Mo’s dream looked promising laid out on the floor …

but once stitched and hung, a gap appeared below the moon …

So, two more cloth shreds needed, but what words to use?
Recalling that I first met Mo during Jude Hill’s online Considering Weave, I decided to use “a torn and tattered heart” from a piece worked during that class

and wanting to use some of the indigo cloth Dee Mallon sent
I asked her permission to quote “whole worlds live in some of these scraps” from this post

I think Dee’s words will prove to be prophetic.

9 thoughts on “Getting to the heart of the matter

  1. sorry to be so late with comment here… it's wonderful to see the progress (even having already seen the finished piece). I love your stitched words — so much care goes into both the selection of them and the stitching.


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