Giving credit where credit is due (updated 4/1/2020)

Last month, a thing of beauty sailed into my life …

And as I walked about the International Quilt Festival in Houston this past weekend, over and over again I said the words, “I always considered myself a needleworker. Because of Jude Hill, I now consider myself a quilter, too.”
Because of Jude Hill, I knew to seek out Judy Martin’s Mended World, which is also to be found in this wonderful tome (which had to come home with me) …


Because of Jude Hill, I met Glennis Dolce whose beautiful vintage Japanese cloth and shibori eclipse will be perfect for some long overdue mending (among other things) …


Because of Jude Hill, I am now part of a wonderful community of like-minded stitchers, Kindred Spirits who have led me to believe in myself. I have learned so very much and will be forever grateful as I continue to play with cloth and stitch, learning more every day.

16 thoughts on “Giving credit where credit is due (updated 4/1/2020)

  1. Jude has had a powerful influence on my work too, love Judy Martin's work as wellby the way, my son used to live in Austin, I would visit him a couple of times a year- it is my favorite city- hill country is so beautiful, I miss it so


  2. it's hard to say it all in a concise way…butenough to say that Jude has changed my life.I found a place in her cloth teachings thatfits who i am. I have found people throughthis that i fit with. to find one's Placeis the ultimate we can ever hope for. Iam grateful beyond any hope to find words.


  3. My work is really about this. It has taken time but now I lean back and think, yes, it is worth the place I find myself in. My cave with a view of all that might be for all who have visited. Go forth with thread and needle!


  4. Thank you all … you can tell I was away by how many comments went unanswered whilst I was happily occupied with our grandkids. Please know I appreciate your presence and the time you take to comment here.


  5. Yes. Tears in my eyes. Yes. And thank you for sharing your experience in Houston.(Please forgive me not commenting very often. The blogger comment box and captcha are really hard for me to navigate. 9 times out of 10 a comment just goes poof.)


  6. ah yes, Jude. It's about so much more than stitching or creativity, really. I, too, have been changed by the example of how she IS in the world. I, too, feel grateful in the extreme to have found this community online and to feel sustained and upheld by it. Will have to come back to look at the Houston pix. JEALOUS!


  7. Hazel – Words seem such clumsy tools for expressing our hearts' truthBeth – I too battle the comment demons and so appreciate your persevering …Dee – I can't believe this incredible show has been mere hours away from our home in the hills … I won't miss it again


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