Picture this

The end of October was full to the (wonderful) brim with family time … first in Austin, then St Louis, then back to Austin. Finally back home, we caught up on shopping, bills, yard, and other mundane pastimes. And blog reading.

So it was that I learned yesterday on Judy Martin’s blog that Mended World was at the Houston Quilt show … something that was not on my radar. A couple of Google searches later, I located a San Antonio quilting group that had chartered a bus to the show.

It’s now 6:00 in the morning and I’m Houston-bound … imagine that!

9 thoughts on “Picture this

  1. Really quite amazing … and more than a little overwhelming. I did get to see Mended World (first thing and last). Also met Glennis Dolce, who had some beautiful vintage indigo cloth at her Shibori Girl booth. Sadly, I realized too late that she was teaching an indigo shibori class earlier this week. Maybe next year …


  2. How very wonderful to see Judy's quilt up close..and to see the vast collection of fantastic work that will be there in so many different displays. What an extraordinary gift you are giving yourself. Hurray! wish I was tucked in your pocket for a good up close view of so much amazing work.


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