Word matters (part 3)

Note: This opening was written last Thursday

I started my morning, as always, with words. Reading the news, checking my email, looking at and commenting on Kindred Spirit blogs.

Then I picked up the phone, calling each of my members of Congress to lament the recent developments on DACA and urge them to support legislation that will give a secure path to full citizenship for Dreamers. At the end of each call, the staffers who recorded my comments asked, “Is there anything else I can do for you?” And I responded, “Not today … thank you for taking my comment” as one snarky rejoinder after another flashed through my mind. Because words matter.
After which I wrote this, put down the portable word generator (aka the iPhone) and stitched …
Now it’s Sunday and this is the state of my nest …

I need to say how much I appreciate that Don is (outwardly at least) okay with this. He is an extremely orderly person and I’m sure my opposite tendency is consternating.
Anyway, the tub on the ottoman is full of hand-dyed cloth (my own and others, both gifted and purchased). I am now in the process of liberating it and will be posting the results for the foreseeable future, the end goal being enough patches to create a peace shawl (or cloak, as Grace aptly called it). 
Each patch is being stitched with a word or words from the Peace Pin Project, as with this one on a piece of Deb Lacativa magic …

Don’t you love how it echoes the view out my window?

Each patch (this one on another Lacativa) is then joined at the top and the right with 5″ strips of a thrifted cotton/linen tablecloth that I like to think of as “dove gray” …

I’m not measuring anything except the strips, but eventually all these patches will end up “framed” in dove gray in some “to be determined” arrangement …

Anyway, there will be much more to come on this, including close-ups. Meantime, please join me in keeping Deb in your thoughts as Irma heads up the coast toward Georgia …
May she be blessed with gentle rain for her land and spared the devastation of wind as we were during Harvey.

5 thoughts on “Word matters (part 3)

  1. imagine peace – a green little cloth stitched with these words is worn each time I tutor refugees from DRC. Young children and a precious mother. They know what the words mean – they imagined peace when they came so far seeking refuge in a new land..your stitches speak to them and I give thanks for the little green cloth pin each time they run their fingers on the words. Now I can bring with me, tucked in a little stitched bag with a piece of hand dyed cloth, a beautiful peace leaf which arrived today…peace flowing like a river from points around the globe.Kristin


  2. i, too, am graced with a husband tolerant of my messes… maybe Don sees, as we do, the lovely, elevated compositions that come out of the heaps and considers them worth the trouble? copyright claims can be so ridiculous. just read a post on FB about one quilter challenging another for not attributing her with the log cabin design. can you imagine? a little like the ick factor saying he made up the saying, \”primed the pump\”.


  3. Mo – it feels more like hanging on for dear life some daysKristin -I so want to send them their own bits of peace … I'll be in touchSue – thank you … somehow making my words tangible helpsDee – you do have a wonderful way of making me smile, often wryly


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