Word matters (part 1 of several related posts)

Words matter, but actions speak volumes.

In the heat of the #Charlottesville moment, I forgot a very important principle: that each of us has a copyright to our words. And so, I offer a public apology to Marti for using her words before seeking her permission.
Since then, I have reached out to many of you who left words in the form of phrases for the Peace Pin Project. Thank you to those of you who graciously gave me permission to use them for my peace shawl project … especially Marti!
As it turned out, my initial peace patches turned out to have insufficient margins …

so they are currently winging their way to their authors.
In their place are the latest versions, back …

and front …

Eventually, these will be stitched together, along with many others, to form a two-sided peace shawl. The seams are variously known as Korean Pojagi or French seams, both of which conceal all raw edges …

I’m particularly liking the idea of wearing the shawl inside out, creating an asemic statement of peace (with thanks to Mo for that concept). Therefore, I am taking care not to use any knots and to clip all loose ends …

This cloth came from Mo, part of a wonderful package that arrived early this summer with cloth dyed by Ulrike (Nemo Ignorat) in Europe …

and Geminid birthday greetings to Don and me (our birthdates being one day apart) …

a wondrous gift from Mo’s Honesty/Lunaria series …

Which is to say, I continue to be amazed by the love and care that come from the community of stitchers and dyers, writers and readers, who visit this humble space. One can’t help but be hopeful, and for that I am most thankful.

8 thoughts on “Word matters (part 1 of several related posts)

  1. Well what a nice surprise it will be to receive my words stitched so beautifully by you Liz. Just so you and others know, it was not a problem to see my words used on cloth. My quote was a comment on your public blog so was perfectly fine to be used as you saw fit. You didn't have to ask permission but it was fine that you emailed me anyway. AND the continuation of connection is quite moving: you creating a peace shawl containing words from some of us, a way of wrapping ourselves around you in solidarity…equally connecting every time I pin your Peace pin because wearing it has afforded me some good conversations from total strangers. I cannot wait to wear it next week when we attend the New Mexico State Fair…holding peace and hope and caring as well as I light candles and hold one of Barry's peace leaves in my hand…Full circle of like minded beings who each in our own way care and honor what it means to be a Planetary citizen.


  2. Marti – you are kind to say so, but the right to use others' words was a large part of my training as a librarian … that I neglected to ask and my detailing that here is my own calling to account. I hope it will lead others to think twice before using others' intellectual and/or creative works. And so, moving on, I am indeed very happy about the prospect of wrapping myself in words of peace and community. And equally happy to know that the peace pin has brought you into conversations with others. The ripples continue!Mo – What I bring to this space has been greatly influenced by your example … you are a treasure to us all


  3. Liz…i had to read here to know what it was i said. I am so conflicted of FEELINGS nowso to look Forward to the creation of this cloak….i love the asemic…somehow is just so right for how stuff feels to meLOVE and Love to you


  4. L – so good to see the ripples of words coming in and going out to create a little more peace and respect. Thank you for taking the time to step up and step out with your peace messages-art. B


  5. Grace – So many good words came from you (and others) … I didn't want to leave them buried in the blog. The cloak was actually inspired in part by your posts in which you mused on creating a bag to hold pieces of self. I looked back in Windthread trying to find it … no luck, but I'll keep looking.Barry – I confess that I do not always move peace-fully through the world … being easily riled and wearing my attitude clearly for all to see. These peace projects are a much-needed reminder to myself of what my ideal is, however incompletely I may realize it on any given day. I am still learning how to be my best self.


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