Road trip!

We’re trying our best to encourage our soon-to-be-born granddaughter to arrive sooner rather than later. Since having a party for a 20-some people on Easter didn’t do the trick, our next gambit was a 170 mile road trip. The draw was an Indivisible rally in Kerville focused on environmental issues as our member of Congress is (ironically) the chair of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, but currently hell-bent on dismantling the EPA. The rally featured several speakers ...

and a roadside sign-along …

after which we headed home at 75 mph, as I tried to take pictures of wildflowers ..

And for those of you who think Texas is flat and dusty …

there is a reason we call it the Hill Country …

I confess, we did stop along the way to pick up a souvenir …

What’s that to the right, you ask? My hastily wrought rally sign …

which may see a little more action this coming weekend, unless our granddaughter decides to (finally) make her appearance.

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