Peaceful easy feeling

My peace pin giveaway began the process of regaining some balance in my life and I’m looking forward to starting on making each pin.  [Note: for those who have not yet done so, please send a mailing address to]

Anyway, I say “looking forward” because right now we’re in the middle of a visit to …

where we are immersing ourselves in simple joys, such as …
a (cow)boy and his dog …

and a Seussian wannabe (complete with “wig” on the far right side of the photo) …

We also made a great stop on the way here… the Fred Jones Jr. Art Museum on the campus of Oklahoma University in Norman
In addition to a substantial display of historic Native American art, I was impressed by this contemporary piece by Olinka Hrdy …

so much so that I couldn’t resist getting the exhibit catalog …

We also spent a good deal of time looking at the Abbreviated Portraits of Poteet Victory …

And contemporary Wyandot potter Jamie Zane Smith’s work inspired us to look up his website …
where we learned he is represented in a gallery that will enable us to see more of his work when we head home via Tulsa. 
Too soon.

14 thoughts on “Peaceful easy feeling

  1. Mo – The bowl we saw in the museum had an incised interior with bands of turquoise and blue overlaid with a spiraled brown that looked for all the world like stitched leather. I can't wait to see more (although I'm afraid his work will be way out of our price range)


  2. So gorgeous. And it looks like you're having so much fun. I could feel the peace in your post.Thank you for sharing your adventure.Aloha, Hunter


  3. Well, when you need to reset your balance, there is no better way than to spend some time with kids. My oldest grandson is 21…not THAT can put you just a little off balance! Glad you got to get away.xx, Carol


  4. Oh there once were two boys, each a brother,Loving to play, one a cowboy, another, a thing-other.Both grinning in their disguises,Just by being and playing, hoping to give some surprises.See, when the world is a bit upside down,Cowboy and Thing 1 will remove your frown.With silliness and joy, they just want to say,Nana and Pops,and everyone, let's have a happy day.


  5. Carol – Kids = balance is probably not what I would have said on some of my teaching days (the last day before any vacation/holiday especially). But grandkids = balance? You betcha!


  6. Stephanie -The image that grabbed me was a cartoon for a 50' stage curtain in a performing arts center (the curtain is long gone, but the image remains). Can you imagine being in a theatre waiting for a performance to begin and having a curtain like that to gaze upon?


  7. Sue -Sweet it was (as always), but so was coming home to our own bed. Likewise, mail call was especially fun this time around.


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