– Rudolph the Texas …

Retrospective (1/15/2017)
Patch #332 Reinhorn


Original Post


Or is that Long-deer?
Either way, Don’s latest assemblage is getting us in the Christmas spirit.
I decided to contribute to the holiday cause by straightening out my cloth stash, the bulk of which is thrifted linen clothing (my favorite fiber) …


I even got a few retro patches done.
October 22 Chocolate cake for breakfast


October 24 Dolphin day


and October 26 Flounder gig (aka TSA nightmare)


Hopefully one more day and I’ll actually finish the October patches.

13 thoughts on “– Rudolph the Texas …

  1. Thanks Mo … the dolphins are challenging to spot, so I was pleased to be able to replicate that in stitch … Jude's split back stitch, with a single strand of floss. Can't imagine doing back stitch any other way.


  2. Long-tong! Perfect!!The cake stitch is two rows of split backstitch (thank you Jude) worked with two strands of extremely white floss (which reminded me of the Hostess cupcakes with their impossibly white \”creme\” filling … what was that stuff??)As for the linen stash, I'm hopelessly addicted to our local thrift store, which supports Habitat for Humanity. I usually get puzzled looks when I check out with multiple sizes of clothing, which turn to knowing nods when I explain they're for quilting.


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