– Land of Flood and Drought – 2015

Retrospective (12/3)
Patch #309 Two floods too many

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Après la secheresse …

Land of Flood and Drought2015 is finally hanging …

Just as, after a full month with no rain, the skies have opened …

11 thoughts on “– Land of Flood and Drought – 2015

  1. Oh thank you for this … for years I relied on counted stitches to make perfectly formed letters. These days I embrace the variations in size and shape, each letter unique and ever so much more fun.


  2. There's a wonderful lesson in that . . . one that I'm striving to apply to a number of things. Telling myself that everything doesn't need to be in precise alignment.


  3. Thanks Grace … I can't help looking at it when we are at the table eating. And it just hit me (belatedly) that the cloth is as long as I am tall. Considering that it's a literal representation of rainfall, that gives new meaning to \”under water.\”


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