– The Eiffel Tower of constellations

Jude Hill’s SunMoonStars has been on my mind, but you would be hard-pressed to know that from my recent posts.

Nonetheless, her personal constellation post two days ago
aligned with my own thoughts about the only constellation I’ve ever been able to spot with any reliability: Orion. But not the sword-wielding hunter, rather my own vision of an Eiffel Tower dangling precariously in the sky, aka Patch #287 

And of course there’s a story to go with it, of crystal clear winter nights when my teen-aged self would walk four blocks south to my best friend Rachel’s house. Always Orion hung in the sky, but I never noticed the sword, focusing instead on the tripod legs of my imagined Eiffel Tower. And yes, I knew it had four legs, but certainly if viewed from the side it would only reveal three, yes? Mais oui!
There was an earlier take on this bit of indigo-dyed vintage linen …

but I’m well-pleased that I gave it another try. And even though I considered adding a field of tiny backstitches, in the end I decided less was more.

Addendum: The unused patch ended up in a bagstories piece, although you really have to squint to see it here (3/31/18)

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  1. The Tower is lovely! There's nothing like a clear sky filled with dazzling stars. We were blessed to witness a sky as such in August while camping in IA.I officially started my blog today-blessingsofthread.blogspot.com


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