– That’s a wrap 2

Retrospective (11/6)

Patch #286 Don’s boat


with thanks to Hazel for the inspiration.
Original Post 
I’ve always loved extra long jeans. You know, the kind that drag on the ground. It used to drive my mother nuts, especially when I was an adult. But I have persisted to this day. Fortunately, my chair wrapping episode last week

led to an “Aha!” moment as I contemplated yet another pair with ragged hems.
Here’s a before and after shot …


along with a close-up of the front …

and a b-side shot of the 6-stranded floss that I used to blanket stitch while rolling under the frayed ends …

You (and I) will have to wait for some time to pass before I can report on such mundane matters as how the mending stands up to laundering and future wear.

Meanwhile, here’s Don’s latest contribution to our eclectic decor …


And since I don’t have a “before” shot, here’s a similar piece that I found on the internet that gives a sense of how it started out …


It’s amazing what a little bit of milk paint and embellishment can do …


I especially like the cloth-wrapped sail …


and can’t wait until we’re once again strolling on the Manteo waterfront.
P.S. Here’s what is keeping the assemblage company on the wall …

8 thoughts on “– That’s a wrap 2

  1. The jeans look great, Liz. I can't see why it wouldn't last , unless of course, they're still dragging on the ground. LOLI love the sculpture – great details. The two of you are so clever.


  2. Well yes, they still have a bit of contact with the ground (at least when barefoot, which is much of the time).Thanks for the thumbs up on Don's assemblage. It just occurred to me that I should show it in context. Am off to remedy that now.


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