– Three-fer Thursday

Retrospective (10/14)

Patch #280 Hazel’s swirled

I loved seeing what Hazel did to her hair in this post at Handstories 
She called it metamorphosis, which fit perfectly with the bit of butterfly Shibori in this patch/homage.
Original Post 
I finally finished the September patches with this trio …

For those of you coming over from Jude Hill’s SunMoonStars, I’ve been making a patch for each day of 2016. Sometimes (okay, many times) I get behind. So when I do finish a patch, I insert it retrospectively into the original post. I’ve even got a subject heading titled Retrospective in the Index with 100+ entries.
So today I finished the patch for September 19
which was inspired by Jude Hill’s post Turning. In the original post, I pictured a close-up shot of my antique clock reel, which coincidentally resembled a rising/setting sun …

The original post for September 20th
promised a take on yellow indiangrass. So I cut a stem to better see the colors …

then found a variegated floss that would work …

resulting in this …

Last, but not least, I conjured up memories of my teenage peace activist years for the September 21 post about Vietnam

My mom’s family was quite conservative (as was my mom), but I took after my liberal-minded dad. Consequently, I wore black armbands and clothing embellished with peace signs quite frequently … including at family gatherings. One uncle used to disdainfully point out that I was wearing the “sign of the American chicken,” but in spite of the glowering looks and shaking heads, I persisted. I’m proud of it to this day and my only regret is that I stopped wearing peace signs after the Vietnam War ended …

I guess I could remedy that anytime, right?

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  1. Another stellar group…I love the grass! I never wore the peace sign in my youth. The conservative/liberal divide is much more marked in my family these days than it was then.


  2. Thanks Dana … I'm still chuckling over your comment from the original grass post.And yes … the great divide. Guess I'm unambiguously hanging out my shingle for all to see.


  3. Love that delicate grass, perfect thread choice! & remembering one of K's family reunions that I wore a t-shirt w/a map of the world to, labeled with the Russian names for the countries. One obnoxious cousin (wearing his army uniform (to a picnic!)) pointed at my chest & asked, \”Is that the whole Russian Commie Block?!\” I replied, \”It's the U.S., don't you recognize your own country?\” He never spoke to me again, thank goodness.


  4. Hi Susan … sorry for the delay in responding. I use my iPhone 5 camera, which has cropping, light and color editing. I try to think in terms of selfies when I position the camera (so, an arm's length away from whatever I'm photographing). Back light and direct sunlight are to be avoided … and large items don't come across very well. But it's quick and easy, especially when I compose into the Blogger app on my phone. I still need the full Blogger version for heavy duty editing, however I find I use that less and less as I get more accustomed to the app.I hope you're considering joining the blog community … fingers crossed


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