– Wrapped

Patch #279 Once upon a time


There’s a song called Wrapped by Walt Wilkins that tugs on my heart with the words …

Summer gold, Winter blue
Wherever I am, whatever I do
I’m wrapped in you
Forty-two years ago today, Don and I met on a blind date. Hours earlier, I sat for this yearbook picture …


wearing the India cotton top that I later wore to the frat dance we went to. And while I don’t have a picture of Don from that night, I know this is the shirt he wore …


Forty-two years. You can read more about that first date in this post:
which was written when we were celebrating a mere thirty-five years. Oh but we were young, right?
So we’re celebrating this time around with a quiet dinner at home. Steak on the grill, popovers, artichokes dipped in butter, and a good red wine are on the menu.
In the meantime, Don is working on a frame for his latest landscape in the Contours series …


My stitching chair caught his attention somehow and he commented on the frayed state of affairs along the corded edges of the arms. “I know,” was my response,”I’ve been thinking about how to repair them. Do you think multiple colors would be too much?”
You can figure out his answer …
That’s a Hazel Monte ship sailing along the armrest …



Sorta like Georgia’s Window 



“What about blue?” Well, what about that …


It ended up being a different kind of wrapping stitch in colors I’ve always loved. So one last look at the way we were the night before our wedding to prove the point …

And we’ve lived happily ever after.

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  1. 42 yrs is so endearing as well as enduring these days. Joy, laughter and love to you and Don and a most Happy Anniversary.I too am a long time married (46 Yrs)and what I know is that the happily ever after is balanced by those times when it wasn't so happy, was a bit off kilter and then quietly, slowly and sometimes, loudly and quickly, righted itself as life does. So special and lovely to see the photos of your young selves staring out.


  2. Thank you Marti … the anniversary of our first date has always been as meaningful to me as our wedding anniversary. And yes, there were some rough spots along the way, but that just makes it all the sweeter.


  3. Oh you guys….you are so young in the pictures, which look remarkably like the pictures of Mike and I from the same era. We met in 1968 just before I turned 16 and he turned 18. Seeing you two makes me poignantly aware of how much time has passed for all of us. Thank goodness we have counted the hours together.


  4. \”How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You!\” Seems a fitting song for your two lovebirds. I agree with the remarkable dates in our lives. My sweet life started in 2001 when God brought my DH and I together. We will celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary on Oct 16. Although we met late in our lives (in our mid 40's). The wait was worth it. Hurrah on the chair wrap. The chair of creativity! Love to you sweet Liz! Sue


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