– Cloudy with a chance of no rain


Patch #205 Summer sky

Somehow I managed to forget to include this patch yesterday. In any case, it was cut from this indigo-dyed shibori cloth made last November during Maura Ambrose’s dye workshop …

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“Clouds,” I thought to myself yesterday, “that’s what I’ll write about tomorrow.”

As with last summer, depicted here in the cloth Land of Flood and Drought …

there has been no rain this July either …

And while there was still enough residual moisture in the ground last week to raise some morning mists, this past week has been bone dry.
Amazingly, though, there are often clouds in the afternoon, hence these streaky white patches …
Sometimes there are even enough clouds to raise the (false) hope of rain. But rather than massing and turning somber gray, the clouds of Texas summer stay white and puffy, if they stay at all …

Meantime, the floodplain belies its name, turning the dormant brown of an east coast field in midwinter … 

And irony abounds as Snow-on-the-Mountain and Frostweed are the only wildflowers that are coming into bloom. 

7 thoughts on “– Cloudy with a chance of no rain

  1. The quiet plaid absolutely evokes the ephemeral clouds of high summer. Perfect! Will the beautiful sky blue one suggest rain?


  2. I read this after posting today's patches, which include a \”key\” to the weather patches. It was an interesting conundrum when I started the project: should blue patches depict clear blue sky or falling rain? I ended up with yellow for dry, sun-filled days and a pale blue-green for the rivers that depend on the rain.


  3. Just realized I didn't exactly answer your question … so the patch at the beginning of the post is a blue sky and white clouds patch for the Remember 2016 cloth.


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