– The jury’s still out

Retrospective (7/24/2016)
Patch #198 Weather wise

I guess the new patches are here to stay.
Original Post

I’m reserving judgment on the newest weather patches made from the thrifted linen dress I bought last week …

They’re the Sunday, Tuesday, and Saturday patches in the last row, meant to depict overcast mornings followed by blazing hot Texas afternoons. I may keep them … I may not. We’ll see.
Meantime, I indulged myself in a look at my current works in progress … which are all too long to show in their entirety, so they’ve been strategically draped and folded …

Clockwise from the upper left:
   – Unnamed (2016 weather patches)
   – Georgia’s Window
   – Land of Flood and Drought (2015)
   – Remember 2016
And I’m thinking I need a design wall …

8 thoughts on “– The jury’s still out

  1. I so admire how much you are able to get done. All are so visually pleasing, but of course for me it's the one you put the white and black into that really makes my heart soar! Can't wait to see it complete.


  2. I think the patches of linen dress are just right, but that is me.Design wall…yesyesyes….I have 3..three! Foam insulation panels, something neutral draped over them, pinned to the [sheetrock] walls with upholstery pins [fat hefty pins]. I can stab pins into them with abandon. Some of the pins even hold stuff up…


  3. Thanks much … I think I needed to reassure myself that all this stitching is going somewhere. I especially need to motivate myself to finish Land of Flood and Drought, even though I feel I've moved beyond it.


  4. The one downside of a jewel-box house (lots of windows, open plan, not much square footage) is that the few large walls that we have are already full of artwork gathered over 40 years of marriage (almost). But your comment has me thinking … stay tuned


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