– One Way revisited

Retrospective (7/8/2016)
Patch #184 Pojagi patch

Original Post

Today I tackled a reverse appliqué that almost did me in …

A retro patch for June 16th, it’s a map of  Urbanna Creek at our friends’ home on One Way Lane. 
Based on satellite images …

and terrain maps …

it was a good way to learn how much detail is possible versus how much is advisable on a patch that is only 1.75″ high. And yes, the right side is really far off, but I’m not “going there” again (ha!)
I also spent some time browsing on Pinterest and discovered a Korean patchwork technique variously called bojagi or pojagi. Intrigued, I played with some scraps and ended up with a respectable square that showed off b/pojagi’s characteristic seams when backlit … 

For the record, here’s the front …

and the back (which has one seam in the upper left that was a particularly useful learning experience) …

I love that there are no loose ends (except on the as-yet unfinished edges). So … great, another project in the making. Right?
Last, but not least, I started looking through the 275 photographs from our family photo shoot at the beach. While there are some truly lovely ones, my favorites turned out to be the ones depicting the craziness that comes of trying to wrangle 8 adults and 4 kids at bedtime and high tide (a volatile combination) …

Thanks Meg and Meliss, it was the perfect gift …

8 thoughts on “– One Way revisited

  1. you & Don look so happy & hey, that beach looks familiar, were you at Ocean Isle? love the new patch and wondering is Pojagi a variation of a flat fell seam?


  2. We were in Avon, a couple of hundred miles northeast of where you celebrated your mom's birthday. The barrier islands are recognizable in their incredible beauty!And yes, b/pojagi is a form of felled seaming with any number of process variants to be found online. Not surprisingly, I gravitated to the handsewn versions, then tweaked them to suit my own style (\”never follow recipes exactly\” is my motto).


  3. Oh, if you only knew … a video recording of the photo shoot would have revealed the reality, which was a mix of three-year-old angst and parental dismay. But you're right, Don and I were incredibly relaxed and happy. Grandparenting is grand indeed.


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