– Works in progress

Well, I didn’t have any preconceived notions when I began the daily Remember patches at the beginning of the year. What I’ve learned is an idea may begin to form on any given day, but not be fully realized until some time later. In light of that, I’ve decided to start featuring patches when they are finished, while still giving a hint of what I have in mind at the beginning.

For instance, here is the final stitch work on Patch #71 …

which was begun last Friday, worked on Saturday, and completed today.
Likewise, Patch #72

inspired by this live oak picture on Saturday …
I’m glad I waited since it was only today that I saw a new knot stitch on Tanglewood Threads that was perfect for the knobbly live oak inflorescences.
A partially finished Patch #64 from two weeks ago is now complete …
While yesterday’s road trip inspired the beginning of Patch #73 …
The road is a bit of felted gray wool
from a stuffy work skirt that I no longer have a need for

When I add its infusion of wildflowers, the stitching is sure to be accompanied by my inner soundtrack playing Robert Earl Keen’s song The Road Goes on Forever (but the party never ends).
As for today’s Patch #74, it’s nothing more than a notion, but I hope to do a reprise of the vintage linen found on our road trip yesterday. Or not … who knows?

13 thoughts on “– Works in progress

  1. Congratulations to Griffin and his family on their new home. May it be a place of peace, happiness and growth for all of them.Brilliant idea to use those bottle caps for the armadillo rounds. The washing out of the lichen dye is disappointing, although I really like the vestiges that remain.


  2. Thank you for your new home good wishes … I will pass them on.As for the lichen dye, I really thought the edges would hold more color relative to the center. No matter, I'm thinking about touching up those edges with something else. You've been a great role model in that regard.


  3. Liz–thanks for the link up to the Girl Story post! Sorry all that gorgeous lichen color washed away. DRAT. It's still lovely. I'm sure you're familiar with the work of Alice Fox … your bottle caps reminded me of her work. Beautiful!XOAmy


  4. I knew the lichen would fade, which is why I dipped it so many times … but I really hoped it would hang more on the edge. So, I'll just do some more wicking in another dye pot.


  5. armadillos are such wonderfully bizarre creatures, here's some early illustrationshttp://ximenez.unibe.ch/material/exotica/armadillo/http://medievalpoc.tumblr.com/post/98329036173/stefano-della-bella-amerique-america-italy


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