– Time out

Addendum: Post from LEAF 2015.


Today was a play day, driving through the Hill Country wildflowers to the Llano Earth Art Festival, home of the National Rock Stacking Championships. Yeeeeee-haw!

Of course, we also stopped for an antique store or two along the way.  So in lieu of making a patch today, I found the inspiration for one …

A rather worn, heavy linen, sorta vintage dust catcher … um, dresser scarf. But what I loved (beside the $2 price tag) was this …
The green stenciling has faded, but still … it caught my fancy

We also scored a couple of copper pots. This lovely …
beautiful hand-hammered copper …
Although I’m a tad skeptical about the 1800s dating
And a double-wide copper washtub …

Oh yes, we finally made it to the festival. Enjoy the sights …

Notice the feldspar veins …
which converge on the rock stack

And coming soon to the floodplain …
Because really, I think we can find enough rocks!

10 thoughts on “– Time out

  1. Wonderful treasures (copper pots) and the 2nd to the last photo of the rock stacking, absolutely breathtaking; now, this is my kind of play day.Why is it that some of us so instinctively feel the need to gather rocks and stack them? I've mentioned this before but when we were traveling about this country of ours, every new home had to have stacked rocks by the front door as a tangible witness to our settling in a new place, our link to our new landscape. Last year when our grand kids visited, they noticed our cairn and asked why I had the rocks by the door. They thought it was a fine idea and on one of our walks, they spotted a round, heavy rock and both proceeded to carry it, little hands on each side, up a rocky and sandy hill behind our house and around to the front door to add to our cairn. Every time I see their rock, it feels like a warm fuzzy to know that they too made their connection to our home here in New Mexico.


  2. We need reminders … because yes, I do remember this from last year, but had forgotten it when our grandsons came to the house in December. So, we'll try again to remember to play at cairning as part of our work on the property.The copper pots, on the other hand, are always easy to keep in mind as they accumulate on our front and back porches. I'm always amazed at how many metal pots there are to be found in the Hill Country antique stores … and often at very reasonable prices.


  3. Rock stacking is such an immediate and visceral response to the land. Thanks for sharing these great images.I am envious of your copper pots. I keep looking for one, but have never found one I could afford.


  4. i just LOVE this Celebration I wish i had a stream running Through thisplace and that made me think ofRichard Brautigan's Trout Fishing in America where he went to some kindof warehouse….it's been so long ago since i read it, …and there youcould by trout streams by the yard….oh, don't i Wish…..


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