– A week’s worth

Today’s patch was the color of warmth as we thawed out from our week in St Louis …

Patch #48

Just after we left, Melissa’s refrigerator died so they had to pitch all their food, even though temperatures outside were low enough to do the job. Irony abounds.
As promised, I revised the patches made during the trip, with half of the famed arch appearing with our arrival …
bracketed by the other half of the arch upon our departure …

In between there is blue jean mending on Patch #43 …

Melissa’s kitchen towel saying added to Patch #44 (which I still need to document more fully) …

and the complete do-over on Melissa’s birthday Patch #45 …

After which I wondered how my random patch lengths for February were adding up compared to the last seventeen January patches. Amazingly, the difference was less than half an inch. 
Who needs rulers?

6 thoughts on “– A week’s worth

  1. After following your patches through your visit to St. Louis, I just love the additions you have made. Melissa's birthday patch is especially pretty…delicate and vivid at the same time. The knee patch stitches are also perfect. They are all wonderful and, I'm sure, evoke very happy memories.


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