– Seeing red

I’m thinking ahead to tomorrow, when we will spend the day with our three-year old grandson in Austin. G’s favorite color is orange, so tomorrow’s patch color is pre-ordained.

Which led me to think about doing a Roy G Biv series of patches, starting with red today …
Patch #5


It wasn’t as easy as I expected. Even though I had sorted through my linen and linen/cotton stash, putting it in order by color families …
Note: that lovely watercolor lighthouse was a $65 find
at the Williamsburg Antique Mall many years ago
still, I found it challenging to find a good, strong red …

Two of the reds from the natural dyeing workshop in November look far better in this picture than in the cloth, as the dyes were hardly as saturated as they appear. In the end I chose the commercially dyed linen/cotton up top, tearing it to avoid the more orange-leaning strands.

It turned out to be a good choice in another way … the darker brown/black strands shooting through the red ended up reminding me of the tree branches that stood out against the early morning sky when I made my daily walk to the end of the driveway today.
And since red was on my mind, I thought to document another assemblage in Don’s Porch Series
The better to be seen in this angled close up …
Turkey on the car

8 thoughts on “– Seeing red

  1. red is such a primal primary colour and yet a good true deep honest red is hard to find! In glass it is the most temperamental of colours, it burns out to brown if fired just one degree too high or for too long


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