– By the Bridges again

Addendum: Sale of the flags raised $15,000 for the monument. A picture of the flags on the Blanco can be seen here.
Don’s boot for the Blanco ended up raising $175 for the Blanco River Monument. Since there was a second fundraiser involving peace flags, I decided to make one, too …

Grace will recognize the rusted cloth that makes up the boot, but it will take close-ups to recognize the Subaru radiator insides that make up the two bridges …
The upper right patch is dyed with rosemary for remembrance … for the
now-razed By the Bridge antique store that was irreparably damaged in the Halloween flood
Grace also figured in the Wimberley sign, which was dyed with her black walnuts


The Shibori dyed indigo was made during the natural dyeing workshop at Maura Ambrose’s last month …


Panorama view
One last look at the back …

then it was taken over to Art on 12 one hour before the deadline. I hope to post a picture of all the flags flying over the Blanco River, planned for early 2016.

14 thoughts on “– By the Bridges again

  1. Well done Don.Liz, your peace flag is quite moving because of the colors chosen and the backstory to the materials. Earth and sky, the reality of the elements along with the color of blue for hope; the openness of the boot silhouette lending itself to renewal. Liz, you and Don have created a bridge of caring with your distinctive and wonderful, heart filled and heartfelt works.


  2. This one almost didn't happen … I really wanted to reprise the boot that Don and I envisioned together, but couldn't \”see\” it in cloth until two days before it was due. That's when the piece of rusted cloth came to mind, after which the piece pretty much made itself. I love your take on the added symbolism, which I can't claim to be intentional, at least on a conscious level. I am grateful for your reading and telling of it!


  3. Thank you Dana … I only wish I had taken some process shots, but this cloth came together so quickly that it was finished before the thought entered my head. It didn't hurt that the design work had already been done and all that remained was how to express it in another medium. The star was a cool story in itself … Don bought a string of rusted stars from the Old Mill Store in Wimberley Square the day before I started working on this. They were the perfect size, so I snipped one off for the flag. Nothing's safe around here!


  4. A peace flag, brillant! The rusted cloth looks like the leather of a boot. And the idea to cut the whole boot and put it together in that way! These days I haven't stiched and sewed anything, but this is a great motivation.


  5. Ah Texas, the boot and the Lone Star & how everything is bigger & better that goes with being a Texan, my Mom became a citizen of the USA (she was born in Quebec) in the mid 60's when we were living in Houston she was sworn in as a citizen of Texas first & foremost!


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