– I’ve got sunshine … on a sunny day

Prairie tea is indeed an effective dyestuff, as this formerly white linen blouse ably demonstrates …
The cotton diaper cloth on the left also took the dye well, as did the harem cloth ties

Sadly, no leaf imprints came through, but I may have jumped the gun a bit in unwrapping the bundle (what a surprise).
But in the “more good news” department: my turkey feather collection is growing by leaps and bounds. The Rio Grandes must be molting to beat the Texas heat …

I was also successful hunting for linen on the shirt racks at the Wimberley thrift store (purchased for my fabric stash, but at least one may sneak into the closet). While there, I learned that my all-time favorite antique store By the Bridge had been flooded in May (contrary to news reports which led me to believe it had escaped unscathed).
Wanting to help in the rebuilding effort, I did what I could do … I went and spent money.  Owner Jill Jones has a great eye and she knows how to ask a fair price, so I quickly found an awesome kettle …

which was obviously designed to be heated in a bed of coals on top of a wood stove (thanks Grace) …
and a three-foot diameter iron ring, which I’m sure Don can repurpose …

Since the items weren’t marked, I chatted with Anne Marie while we waited for Jill to call back with prices. In response to my asking what she’s been working on lately (you can see one of her felted stitch and patchwork projects here), Anne Marie showed me three folk art assemblages that stole my heart. This is the one that came home …
The clothesline made it irresistible.

Now the question is, do I go back for the lightning rod?

10 thoughts on “– I’ve got sunshine … on a sunny day

  1. I'm sure you're right about the wood stove fit … I guess my 18th-century cooking experience at Colonial Williamsburg predisposed me to view it as a hearth-based pot. And the clothesline … as symbol. Along with hand-stitched cloth and scratch-cooked food. I know there are lots of things that are better now than the good old days, but these things should be saved and brought forward.


  2. I love your clothesline, Liz, and your beautiful tea dyed cottons. I'm not sure what I would do with that iron ring but I can see why it called to you – it's just so interesting.


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