– Just be(e)ing: Exploring the Art.Science.Gallery in East Austin

Another gray day … hot and humid … no rain the the forecast, but raining nonetheless.

More sadness in the papers, more tragedy born of flood.
And in the midst of it all, we found art. More specifically Art.Science.Gallery … on the east side of Austin, it turned out to be one of many galleries and studios in The Canopy, to which we will surely return.
The Buzz Stops Here was in its last week. Having read that the exhibit was focused on encaustic and bees, I figured it would be worth a look. I figured rightly.
Most of the pieces took full advantage of the soft golden hues of beeswax and honey. Two in particular made me reach for my camera (after ascertaining that photography was permitted, of course). 
from which hexagonal cells of waxen kozo paper …

fell to the floor like so many dead bees …

with finely wrought dimensionality …
Note the fine golden thread in the center of the flower
and detail …
All more artfully photographed and described in this online catalog, but there’s something about trying to capture images for oneself that helps recall the quietude of moments spent just looking, appreciating the gift of be(e)ing …

6 thoughts on “– Just be(e)ing: Exploring the Art.Science.Gallery in East Austin

  1. Thanks for sharing this info about the gallery, Liz. My husband and I are going to take a trip to Austin in October. My thoughts are with you–such sad news.-Julie


  2. thanks for the photos and link to this beautiful work, did the gallery smell like honey? one of the most memorable honey installations was by Simone Mangos back in the mid 80's at the Art Gallery of NSW, here's a link to a photo from the installationhttp://www.artgallery.nsw.gov.au/collection/works/331.2001/the main room was filled with a huge dead tree, roots and canopy covered in honey pooling on the floor, the scent was intoxicating


  3. Sadly no … although I was expecting to smell honey, I didn't detect it even though several works were actually composed in beehive frames. Thanks as always for linking me to another adventure!


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