– Worth waiting for: On the banks of Sink Creek

Looking upstream
In the nearly five years that we have lived on our homestead I have never seen Sink Creek. Oh, there was evidence of its existence on the aptly named flood plain, but whenever there was a gulley washer I was either at work or it was the middle of the night or there was too much thunder and lightning to safely go outside.
Until yesterday, when the storm clouds dumped 3.5 inches of rain in a  few hours, making a river out of our front yard …

then quickly pushing off to the east, enabling me to finally take a look before the water soaked into the aquifers below. 
Our fire pit, which has stood unused through the recent years of drought, became a nascent mosquito pool …
So I undammed one end to let the water drain out …

Slogging through the recently mulched West Trail lichen farm, we were glad to see that our efforts were worthwhile as the water pooled under the branches without breaking through and washing out the path as it had in the past …
But it was the flood plain that inspired the most excitement. Water was moving, rapidly …
The creek already receding … sinking into the earth
and up to a foot deep, carrying with it seeds and silt, Mother Nature’s best planting method …

Indeed, last year’s heavy rains carried bluebonnet seeds from upstream where they bloomed for the first time on our property earlier this spring …

With this most recent deluge, I have no doubt new seeds have been spread even farther downstream.
But it was the voice of the water, chuckling through the rocks, that most delighted me (if only I could figure out how to insert a video into Blogger, you could hear it, too). Instead, I’ll just leave you with one last look from the headwaters of Sink Creek …
Looking downstream
already gone, but not forgotten.

14 thoughts on “– Worth waiting for: On the banks of Sink Creek

  1. I sat outside stitching after our walk through the flood plain … we've had such damp gray weather lately, so the sun was a welcome sight (sadly it didn't last long)


  2. makes me CrazyHappy….i was a creek child, a creek girl. Only since here am i creeklessunless i time it just right and get up to Water Canyon in spring run off…THIS JUST THRILLS ME What a BEAUTYFULL Place you found yourselves…! I can FEEL myself out there, in my boots, walking in it, squatting watching it go past, flow,watching to see if it brought some gift …some stick, insect, magical debris of some sort…I am SO happy you witnessed this and shared with Us…..


  3. When I write posts like this one, you are my imaginary audience … knowing how much you would love tramping around on the land, listening to the water, greeting the critters. Yesterday we were witness to a newborn fawn's first staggering steps … legs herky-jerky like a marionette … gamely following its mother to a wooded bit of concealment. We live a prayer.


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