– Remembering to keep things in perspective: A matter of scale

Triangulation has passed the three-quarter mark, so I’m now squarely in the southwest …
I belatedly realized that a scale might be useful. As near as I can figure, Triangulation comes in at 50 miles to the inch …

making the entire cloth 1800 miles wide by 1100 miles high … which sounds way more impressive than 36 inches by 22 inches.

It’s all a matter of perspective, which has been much on my mind since today is the anniversary of my mother-in-law’s passing on April 19, 2010.

I may have learned “Food is love” from my mom, but I learned how to be a grandmother from Betty May Angus Ackert, who practiced love unconditionally.  Her granddaughters were the brightest, most beautiful children on the planet and absolutely without fault in her eyes.

They loved her absolutely in return. And what child wouldn’t love having a sleepover room, a kitchen window that doubled as a fast-food drive-in, a lovable golden retriever to snuggle, and visits to the dollar store for fashionable jewelry …

I could always tell when the girls were on the phone with Grandma, who knew how to ask open-ended questions that triggered an animated retelling of whatever was uppermost on their minds. They knew she hung on their every word and the proof of their shared love was clear to see, even in their teenage eyes …

I hope I can live up to her example …

15 thoughts on “– Remembering to keep things in perspective: A matter of scale

  1. love the stitched scale, the turquoise trail and the four corners are places I dream of seeing one day ! and here's a toast to embracing these elder years, clink! (second cup of coffee at 3am to the computer screen)


  2. I love the sound of your coffee cup. Funny, I was awake at 3:30 a.m. (our time) … I need to start following your example and just get up and get on with things, since I'm usually thinking about the latest project(s). As for The Someday Trail … well, let's just dream it into being.


  3. Your description of your mother-in-law made me a little misty…I was lucky to have a wonderful mother-in-law too, but she died too young to know my boys. Fortunately, my mom is a grandmother supreme, as I hope to be. Triangulation is getting more and more intriguing.


  4. The Kantha is almost complete, but there will be a lot of design mending to be done before I can use the cloth as a pillow. Don asked if I was sure about not hanging it on the wall, so I draped it over a chair where it became obvious that it needs to be seen up close and personal.


  5. Just think, when Triangulation becomes a pillow, it also becomes a journey and I will go so far as to say a dream journey cause if you are like me, sometimes the pillows on my chair, couch become a soft landing for a little nap and what a dream will come from this pillow.Wonderful to see photos of GrandMother Betty Ackert and from what I know from your words, your photos, your joy and love of family, your zest of life, you most definitely are following in her footsteps..


  6. Ha! This reminds me of Judy Martin's last post with its reference to \”going horizontal.\” Working my way across this cloth has been its own journey, too.Likewise, grandparenting (which spell check wants to convert to \”grandpa renting\”)


  7. She is a beauty FULL woman…look at those Eyes…! and even dimples. dimples. love….and the KEY. as a child, i loved to look for the key first on any map…this has my mindspinning…the Key to things….. I think on your Triangulation, i am quiet near the Key…just there, along the Rio Grande….called by some here, the Blue Mother


  8. In all the pictures of Betty and my girls they have the most genuine smiles … it's a wonder to see.And maps … yes, I've had more fun playing with the key and the compass rose. Not the last, I'm sure


  9. Perspective … looking back I remember how much I wanted my mom to have the same kind of closeness with my daughters, but the distance between them was too great. Thank goodness we now have Skype and FaceTime for connecting.And yeah, as I said to Grace, making the scale and the compass rose was great good fun. Next up (after I finish the kantha) is some serious design mending.


  10. Liz, this whole post is so nice. I am trying hard to be a good grandmother – the idea that the littles are perfect as they are is one I take as a rule too, but there is something unnameable that it seems as if your mother in law had without trying. An ease. wonderful.also – your stitched map is incredible.


  11. Oh, how I miss her. She would have been so proud of her great grandchildren. Her life ended too soon for the amount of joy she brought to the world. As for you and Dad, there aren't two people on the planet that adore my kids more than you. You don't let the distance keep you from creating such special relationships with the boys. Jace lights up every time he sees you on FaceTime and Jackson talks about you both as if you hung the moon. His new favorite thing to say is that he is so excited to see you. Thanks for being just like my sweet Grandma


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