– The tipping point: Celebrating spring and fall

It may have been raining outside, but it’s been a fun day in the blogosphere … first enjoying the Hill Country cloth beaming in New Mexico on Windthread, then peering at the delightful thread beads over at Saskia’s Birdhut, and finally revisiting some Spirit Cloth lessons as I stitched more Kantha into Triangulation.

But best of all was discovering Cooking with Cats in today’s post over at It’s Crow Time (where they are tipping into Autumn as we tip into Spring). During our back and forth in the comments, Mo revealed that Rod (aka Old Man Crow) had a killer recipe for Drambuie Pancakes (aka crepes) in the cookbook. I love Drambuie … and just happened to have some on hand.
Luckily for us, a light supper of onion soup and Torpedo Extra IPA was on the menu, so there was room for dessert.Of course, I never follow a recipe exactly, so with apologies to Rod, I went back to a very early blog post for my favorite crepe recipe, cutting it in half for dessert portions.
I gathered my ingredients …
Fired up four crepes …
Discovered that my trusty iPhone is ice cream proof …

And therefore managed a shot of assembly …

leading to a delicious finished product …

And yes, we needed both forks and spoons, lest we miss a single drop. Yum!

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