– February 14: B-sides being Valentine’s Day

I can tell you exactly what I had to eat for lunch on Valentine’s Day twenty-nine years ago: a Belgian waffle with vanilla Haagen Dazs ice cream and hot fudge sauce. Then I took a long nap and when I woke up, it was snowing. By 8:00 Don insisted we go to the hospital before the snow got any deeper … a few hours later Melissa Reid entered the world.

Which is why this is what we had for dessert tonight …

Yes, I did add tart cherries in a soft creamy mousse this time around … seemed like the color was just right for Melissa’s birthday (around here we call February 14th “Valentine’s Day” at our peril).

And it was also noteworthy that Jace’s lullaby book took a leap forward, with all twelve pages now complete and stitched together along their individual spines …
The next step will be to secure the other three edges of each pair, but before concealing the b-sides I took one last look at each two-page spread from the inside …

With any luck, I’ll be done by the end of the week … just in time to head to St. Louis.

22 thoughts on “– February 14: B-sides being Valentine’s Day

  1. Liz your dessert let come somme water in my mounth …. hmmmmmmi read in the back side of the litle book , woords who countgreets M.


  2. Thank you … there are few things I love more than books and stitch … so combining the two is sheer bliss.I'm also realizing how much I love making these little 5×5 compositions …


  3. So beautiful and touching, Liz. But as I think about it, little children won't know its the B side–all that cursive must look the same to them. What if it were the pages where the kids get to continue the story?


  4. Hi Liz, stopping in to say how much I enjoyed this post. Although I can no longer eat any of those fooditems, your delicious descriptions have me living vicariously with that meal – thank you. Also wanted to mention, regarding the 'solace project,' that I've included a link to you on my solace page [top header] on my blog … please let me know if you'd rather it not be there. AND, if it is ok, feel free to let others know I am compiling a little *inspiration* list & they are welcome to contact me with their links, too. Thanks much.Christi


  5. Front, back, two books in one to touch, tiny fingers tracing stitch, telling a second special story, new lullabies coming from the back, even encouraging to taste, nibble…when my twin grandchildren were two, I made a little paper alphabet book and used photos, magazine cutouts, etc. D had a photo of Daddy, M had a photo of Mommy and so many little kisses were given to those that the photos faded and had tiny bite marks…Liz what a precious gift and I like the idea of snaps for Griffin's book; children like to open and close, the repetitive motion, music all on its own…


  6. That reminds me … I need to take pictures of the Backward ABC book that I made for Jackson next time we go to St Louis. It's a combination of paper and (machine) stitch, so it will be interesting to see how it's held up.And funny you should mention music … Griffin loves to sing and is already well on his way to knowing the words to Close Your Eyes, but he also makes up his own songs, which I hadn't connected in my mind until now. Can't wait to make his book, but first things first: the clock is running out on getting Jace's book done.


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