6 thoughts on “– Giving it a rest

  1. So true Liz. Although we are not close enough to our grands, they live in CA, we do see them every year and I will be traveling there in March for a week. In a few years we hope to duplicate a trip with them that we took with their Mommy and their Auntie when they were 7. As you know, our grandchildren are twins as are their Mommy and Auntie. We have family in New Mexico so we took Amtrak to get here and we think that our grand kids would have fun on a train ride here as well. Recreating experiences as well as creating new ones is a grandparent's joy. The world is seen afresh through these experiences.


  2. We only have one grand nearby … hundreds of miles to see the others … worth every bit of travel (which we do as often as we can … ten weeks last year)I love the idea of a shared train ride … will have to ponder that


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