– The yin and yang of gardening: A tale of the planter and the pruner

The blog posts about brush whacking and grass growing in the Hill Country were written from the admittedly biased viewpoint of yours truly. I should add that my family nickname is “The Mad Pruner” and this is but one of my recent efforts, soon to be chipped into mulch by our faithful arborists …

Don, on the other hand, is the creator of our many rock gardens. 

He’s been able to transplant reportedly tetchy natives like mealy blue sage and Zexmenia from the floodplain, and the plants he purchases from local nurseries absolutely thrive …

Also under his watch, the Mexican feather and buffalo grasses have spread, while numerous Agaves and Spanish daggers have been artfully relocated …

My forte, on the other hand, is building compost heaps from assiduous cactus whacking efforts …

and I’m definitely better at hauling rocks and dumping them around the perimeter of the burn pile than placing them artfully into useful plant beds. Fortunately, we both love a good fire, so when the weather is right, we’re always ready …

And somehow in the end, between the adding and the taking away, things seem to take root and grow …

Stewards we aspire to be, Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

4 thoughts on “– The yin and yang of gardening: A tale of the planter and the pruner

  1. that blue agave is one of my favourite plants! they make pups so easliy and I love the pattern the edges of each leaf makes on the skin of the neighbouring leaves as they open out


  2. the Heart shaped garden… and how the open land in the last two give me the feeling of the African Veldt…i could look all day, every daythe stone gardens…these are exquisite places placed the way Don does them…small islandsof stone and plant….how they are just There, so naturally amidst the grasses. I am excited to see this all when you have Spring RainsThis makes me really feel good to look


  3. We love to just sit and look at the land … it's like looking at snow falling or waves rolling in to shore … endlessly fascinating and it makes me feel so incredibly calm and content.With the rains we've had this fall we are really optimistic about wildflowers this spring, although the grasses are doing so well that they will probably dominate on our property so we'll have to hit the highway to see the flowers. Okay by me …Meantime, the tree guys just finished two full days of work, so we have three huge piles of wood chips for path-making. I can't wait!


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