– Corn on the 4th of July: Melting pot hot dogs

We’ve been enjoying a rolling feast of corn this year.  The first batch arrived fresh from Mexico in May, followed by east coast corn on the Outer Banks in June, Texas corn from Fredricksburg in July, and Briermere corn on Shelter Island in August. Me a locavore? Not when it comes to corn … I’m forever in search of the tiniest, sweetest kernels that come with the season’s first ears, wherever they may be. 
Fresh corn on the cob is best savored by boiling it for a few minutes, slathering on butter and then adding a  sprinkling of salt. But when it’s more than a day old, corn just isn’t the same. So to help out store-bought ears, I’ve become a fan of Mexican-style grilled corn which is coated with a thin sheen of chili-spiced mayo, a sprinkling of grated Cotija cheese and a squeeze of fresh lime juice. 
Which brings me to the past 4th of July. Now the 4th is one of three All-American holidays calling for burgers and hot dogs on the grill, the other two being the summer bookends: Memorial Day and Labor Day.  Of course, a proper cookout must have the full cast of supporting sides: deviled eggs, cole slaw, sweet pickles, and potato salad. Which is to say, lots of time in the kitchen. But with only two of us in the house, I couldn’t muster the requisite energy for preparing a full cookout spread.  Thus was born the Mexican Corn Dog: a kosher hot dog topped with savory corn-off-the-cob and wrapped in a flour tortilla. Now if that’s not melting pot Americana, I don’t know what is.
Last I checked, there was fresh sweet corn from Colorado at Brookshire Brothers and Labor Day approaches. Let the feasting begin …
Mexican Corn Dogs

Grill or boil some corn.  Cool, then cut the kernels off the cob.  Depending on how much you have, spoon in a little mayo (I use Hellman’s), squeeze in some fresh lime juice, then sprinkle on grated Cotija cheese and a dash of chipotle chile powder (optional, but it adds a wonderful smoky heat). Taste and adjust seasonings to suit.

Grill kosher hot dogs (Nathan’s if you can find them, or Hebrew National) until gently charred.

Nuke a stack of flour tortillas in the microwave (freshly made if you can find them, or even make your own).

Assemble hot dogs, Mexican corn-off-the-cob and shredded jack cheese on warm tortillas. Best served with Fat Tire or Skinny Dip (but you’ll have to go to the Outer Banks or come out to Texas to find those).

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